How To Play Blackjack in 3 minutes

So you want to learn how to play blackjack? This article makes it easy for you to start learning to play blackjack in under 5 minutes.

Getting Started

It is important to learn and understand the rules of blackjack first. Our basic blackjack rules guide will teach you the rules in 9 easy steps.

Blackjack is all about beating the dealer. This should be your primary goal in every blackjack game you play. Getting as close to 21 should never be your goal. This might get you bust and lose. Beating the dealer comes in 3 easy different ways.
How do you win at blackjack?

  • You have a total hand value that is higher than the dealer’s hand value.
  • You have a Blackjack on your first two cards a total of 21.
  • The dealer draws a hand value that goes over 21. The dealer gets busted.

Blackjack Terms You Must know

  • Bust: Your total hand is over 21.
  • Blackjack: First two cards total to 21.
  • Chips: Casino tokens used instead of currency/money.
  • Insurance: An extra bet, that the Dealer will have a blackjack.
  • Hit: Dealer deals another card to you.
  • Stand: Dealer will stop dealing more cards to you.
  • Pair: Two cards of the same value.
  • Double down: Double your bet and an extra card.
  • Surrender: You lose only half your bet.
  • House Edge: Is the casino advantage over you.

Playing at Blackjack Table

Before you go to a blackjack table make sure that you have casino chips. You can only bet with casino chips that have different values and money is not used. Ask the dealer or a casino customer care to help with purchasing casino chips.

If you will play blackjack at a casino, you will find all the blackjack tables in the shape of a semi-circle. Each table will have guides drawn on it to mark the betting spots. Each betting spot means one player.

Blackjack Table
Blackjack Table

A Blackjack table has a maximum and a minimum betting limit. Always check these details before you start playing. A table can have either a single deck, 4, 6, or 8 decks of cards. It is important to know that cards must always be visible on the table. The dealer deals the cards face up. In this case, avoid touching the cards by hand unless it is necessary.

You will start by making a bet, that you will place on the table in front of you. The dealer will deal two cards to you and two cards to himself. The dealer places a card face down.

how to play blackjack 1
The dealer’s cards – One face up and one face down

Next step is to decide if you want to hit or to stand. If you want to have another card to your hand you need to hit. To communicate with the dealer, you need to point to your cards with your finger if you want to hit. Use hand signals instead of verbal communication. Using hand signals is part of the security protocol and casino etiquette.

In case you want to stand, you have to signal with your hand by holding it flat over your cards. Standing means to stop drawing any cards to your hand.

Once you stand, the dealer will turn up his card that is facing down. The dealer will start drawing cards and he stands on 17 or higher. In the case that dealer busts, you will win the game.

What is a House Edge?

The house edge is a term used to describe a mathematical advantage that the casino will have over you. This advantage is a percentage return in favour of the casino when you are playing.

In Blackjack since you play first, you will have the chance to bust first. Since you bust, the casino will win, regardless of what the dealer has. The casino will win more hands unless you take advantage of playing a proper blackjack strategy or go for card counting.

Quick Summary – How to Play Blackjack

Conclusion – What’s Next?

If you are a beginner at blackjack, we recommend starting playing blackjack at an online casino. Playing online casino is more comfortable and easy compared to playing blackjack at a local casino.

The rules are almost the same. Start by playing online blackjack games with the Play for Fun mode. The game will give you tips to assist with the best action depending on your hand total before you either hit or stand.

Keep practising and playing to discover different blackjack variations and rules. It is the best way to learn how to play blackjack.

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