European Blackjack

European Blackjack is one of the most played games. It is a blackjack variation that slightly differs from American Blackjack. The difference is in how the cards are drawn.

Find out its specific rules and how it is played. We keep this page updated with the latest European Blackjack games where you can try them for free.

European Blackjack Rules

The European blackjack game is quite the same as the regular blackjack. You will only notice minimal differences while playing the game. The first difference that is noticed off is the dealing of cards. The dealer does not draw the second card until the player has made the first move.

Players may only double down on a 9, 10 and 11 or after a split. Another rule is, players cannot split more than once per hand. If the dealer gets a blackjack after drawing the second card, then the player loses his/her hand.

How To Play European Blackjack

Playing European blackjack is very easy and you start by submitting a bet. Once you deal and the bet is done, the dealer will deal the cards one by one to each player, for a total of 2 face-up cards each. All the players will play against the house. The dealer starts drawing a one face-up card only until all players have finished their turn.

The goal is the same as all Blackjack games. Get close to 21, avoiding going bust. Every card’s point value is the same as the number on the face of the card. Cards like Jacks, Queens, and Kings have 10pts. An Ace can be either 1pt or 11pts. This depends on your current hand situation.

A player can either split, double down, hit and/or stand. Once the dealer draws the cards he stops at 17. If the dealer gets a blackjack you lose. If it is a tie you get your money back. The dealer loses if he goes bust or gets a hand value less than the player.